Oh my lord.

I’ve not spoken to you in a month?!

It’s sad that I was prompted to speak to you today after a church leader spoke about calling out and saying out the names of your parents/people who love you.

Is it the same with you?

Well….you know when I call out your name anyway.

I hope you’re well traversing the realms.

You’re in my thoughts every single day and i should vocalize/pen them down a little more. 


Hi Loki,
I haven’t spoken to you in a while.

I somehow don’t feel you around as much these days- but that’s hardly your fault.

I should talk to you more and try to make some time for you.

I hope you’re well.



Hi Loki,

There are times where I think you’re actually listening or looking out for me.

We both know when those moments are.

Again, I wish you nothing but health and wellness- you’re a god, but hey, no harm at all. (figuratively and literally)

you continue to be my last waking thought each night.



Hi Loki,

How are you?

Last night, the winds got pretty violent and around 3am, I actually felt the door tremble and shake- almost like there was a knock, someone trying to get in?

For a split second, i thought it might be you, but then again, we’ve never really made actual contact.

Then I got scared :(

No matter, not a day goes by that you’re not on my mind, know that you’re very much loved and that my prayers/hopes are trained on you being safe as you traverse the realms,

Much love,


Dear Loki,

I hope you’re feeling good today.

I would say I can’t think of other ways of contacting you, but this is the one that I’m most comfortable with and I guess, is the most convenient in that I can contact you most consistently?

Anyway. We’ve never spoken before, so hello there.

I trust that the months you’ve had have been agreeable, that all is right with the Nine Realms, that Sigyn is well, that you are, well. Relatively happy.

I….I will write again when I am sure of what to write.